Keep the Bible


Keep the Bible

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We start the Campaign to keep our Christian Faith and Church  

We will continue the “keep-the-bible” campaign until the Supreme Court amends the homosexual law and the United States restore the spirit of Puritan faith.

United Methodist Church appointed a homosexual female as a bishop, and 11 bishops proclaimed support for homosexuality, regardless of the decision of the Special Conference of UMC. And now, the UMC denomination tries to accept LGBTQ. 

We, Bethany Korean UMC(Now, Wilderness Church in Hawaii) members, decided to leave UMC and started “keep the Bible” campaign. The bishop then expelled pastor Han, locked the church door with chains and guards, and prohibited us from accessing to our church. So we started to worship in the park and the keep the Bible campaign.

We love and respect homosexual persons alike. People are not bad for they are cancer patients. Cancer is bad. 

There is no homosexual gene. And homosexuals are not inherited for they can not give birth to their children. Homosexuality is wrong and destroys God's creation order and a healthy society, and leads youth to the wrong way. 

We conduct our campaign using preaching, flyer, sticker, banner, newspaper, radio, TV, email, internet, Facebook, Kakaotok, and etc.

To continue this campaign, please pray, join and support us. 

For the right judgement, we convey truth.

       The Headquarter of the Keep the Bible Campaign ...

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