Keep the Bible and Church - 6


Keep the Bible and Church - 6

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Keep the Bible and Church - 6  

1. At the Kawaiahao Church, the first church in Hawaii, Wilderness Church in Hawaii started “Keep the Bible” campaign inviting all the church members and Pastors in Hawaii on February 3, 2019.

2. We keep the Bible. We are against “One Church Plan” by the UMC, which is against the Bible. We call for the expulsion of homosexual bishop, which is acting against the Bible and the Book of Discipline. We will keep the Bible as the Word of God. Proclaim the start of the Keep the Bible campaign.

3. The UMC appointed the homosexual Olivetto for Bishop of the UMC. It means that UMC committed sin and made other people and church sin. This is the despicable sin of Jeroboam. Again the past sin of Jeroboam in the Bible is committed.

4. The Church has to love everyone indiscriminately. The Church shouldn’t hate the homosexuals. Some people say “The homosexuals are nice people”. The person who has cancer cell is not a bad person. Cancer is the bad one. Homosexuals are not bad people, homosexuality is the bad one. Again the Church has to love everyone, but Church cannot love the cancer or homosexuality. It is simply wrong.

5. Homosexuality is not heredity. Scientists search for the gene of the homosexuality, but they couldn’t find, because there is none. There was a person who found the gene of homosexuality, but it turned out the hoax. Homosexuality cannot be heredity because it cannot bring a child in the world. Homosexuality is an abnormal addiction to sex.

6. The Church and Pastors must love everyone equally. Homosexuals in the church have to be taken care of with love and lead them to the salvation by God’s word. This is the mission of the Church.

7. Due to the homosexuality, new born babies with STD have increased tremendously. For the last 6 years, there has been 900% increase. Bishop Calcanyo of the UMC attended the parade of the homosexuals with members of the church and pastors, which is the sin of Jeroboam.

8. For this kind situation, if the church keeps quiet, if the Christians keep silent, the Bible says the stones will cry out. If the church keeps quiet, it cannot be the light of the world and people will trample the church and forsake it. We have to keep the Bible and the Church from the sin of Jeroboam making other people commit sins as well as oneself.


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