The Sins Jeroboam has committed – 4


The Sins Jeroboam has committed – 4

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The Sins Jeroboam has committed 4

1. The worst sin is to make other people commit sin as well as oneself commits sin, which is the most horrible and despicable sin. According to the Bible, it is called the sin of Jeroboam. “And he will give Israel up because of the sins Jeroboam has committed and has caused Israel to commit.” (1 Kings 14:16)

2. Jeroboam has committed sins and caused Israel has committed sins, too. Because of Jeroboam’s sins, God punished Jeroboam, his family, and Israel.

3. Jeroboam himself sinned, caused others sin. Jeroboam lost salvation and made people not to get salvation. Jeroboam lost his blessing and prohibited others to get blessing. Jeroboam’s sins made himself and others miserable and unhappy. This is the worst sin and the modern UMC has been committing the same sins as Jeroboam has committed.

4. Sins are so enchanting so people get temptation, then commit another sins. Because of the sins Jeroboam has committed and has caused Israel to commit, Israel couldn’t get out of those sins. Descendants also have committed sins and those sins were originated from Jeroboam (2 Kings 17:21-22).

5. If one goes the wrong road by mistake, he/she just turns around to find the right way. It might take time, but this is not a huge problem. But there is a way that can’t be turn around. There are two kinds of paths in the world: one that you can turn around, the other one that you never be able to turn back forever.

6. I believe the UMC is taking the path that can’t be turn around and lots of churches are following that path. That path is wide and smooth but it is the path to the destruction. It is the way to perish for both oneself and others.

7. The path of the UMC is the way to commit sins and to deny the Bible leading us to salvation and blessings. The path is paved by the thought, reason, and judgment by human being not God. They make people confused with plausible sayings but this is the worst sin.

8. Everything changes including the world itself, churches, human beings values and thought. But only God’s words never change and last forever. We have to keep the Bible not to make Jeroboams’ sins by the UMC’s narrow, transitory, and worldly perspective.

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