The Same-sex Marriage Law must be Reconsidered


The Same-sex Marriage Law must be Reconsidered

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1. In June 2015, the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage while President Obama was president. Presently, the general public still doesn’t realize what kind of consequence will bring to our society. The general public supports and emphasizes simply think the same-sex marriage couple should have the same right the way we do.


2. The supreme court consists of 9 justices. Among 9 justices 5 justices votes, yes and 4 justices voted no which leading to legalize the same-sex marriage. It was decided by only one vote. This decision has caused controversy between people.


3. In 1954 abolishing racism was decided by unanimous agreement. Gender equality law as well. It is very hard to understand at the supreme court made such a huge decision only by one vote difference. This matter can influence our religious freedom or can cause harm to humanity.


4. The Supreme Court should have waited a little longer until the public knows about same-sex marriage. The 9 Supreme Court justices should have discussed and prepared more. If not ready, it should have been postponed to a later time.


5.In this world there are changing and non-changeable things. Things need to be changed for the better, however, there is something you need to keep the way it is. It is really hard to revert something back when you finally realized something was wrong. It also requires much sacrifice. Of course, it doesn’t mean we cannot change the law again. If the law was amended for the better, we can amend it for the much better again.


6. Previously when the racism law took effect, black people didn’t change to white people. After the gender equality law took effect women didn’t change to men. However, same sex-marriage Law has been encouraging rather sex change through surgery. T.V or media beautify the sex change producing transgender patients. In 2015 same-sex marriage became law, the same-sex marriage families increased by 70%. It was the wrong decision.


7. When legalized same-sex marriage, the Bible becomes an illegal book since it preaches marriage should between man and woman. At the same time, the pilgrim who built America became a criminal who went against the law.


8. According to Matthew Chapter 6 verse 37 “All you need to say is simply “Yes” or “No”; anything beyond this comes from evil one.” We must say “yes” or “No” followed by our faith and conscience. Just like after losing faith in God Europe has been experiencing downfall, oppression of Christian by the name of human rights will be the beginning of humanity’s disaster.


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