School Children Indoctrinated in Trans Agenda


School Children Indoctrinated in Trans Agenda

School Children Indoctrinated in Trans Agenda: 

Documents Show Children Being Taught Radical Content

( )- This week, the parents’ rights group Parents Defending Education posted to its website information provided to them from a group of concerned parents in West Hartford, Connecticut. The information provided revealed some rather startling lesson material from the school district.

The information supplied by these parents shows the district is focusing on “social-emotional learning through an equity lens.”

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) first gained popularity in 1995 with the publication of Daniel Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence.” Goleman contended that schools put too much emphasis on intellectual achievement and not enough on things like self-awareness, impulse-control, empathy, and social deftness.

Supporters of SEL say that these are essential tools for the development of children because these tools help them to understand their emotions and experience them to the fullest.

However, in the recent push toward critical race theory-style education, social-emotional learning has transformed to include such things as Identity, Diversity, and Justice.

So while SEL classes may have once just focused on helping children better express their feelings, emotions, and impulse-control, they are now being used to introduce to indoctrinate impressionable young children on sexuality and gender identity, including transgenderism.

One West Hartford parent was particularly disturbed by one of the recommended books for fourth-graders titled “When Aidan Became a Brother,” about a girl who decided she was born in the wrong body. So the girl’s parents change her name and let her wear different clothes to “fix” her. The West Hartford parent told Parents Defending Education that the book is “full-on gender theory” which teaches children that the sex they are born into can be “wrong.”

According to the parents, no matter how objectionable they may find the materials, they are not permitted to let their children opt-out of the curriculum.

Meanwhile, the media continues to pretend that this is nothing more than a made-up Republican boogeyman. They claim that parents who object to this are just racists who don’t want their white children learning about the history of blacks in America.