Blood Drive in Hawaii


Blood Drive in Hawaii

최고관리자 0 4,410 2020.11.02 15:16

We start the Blood Drive in Hawaii. 

Our government can print money, but the blood can't be reproduced. U.S.A. needs the blood now. Let us do it!.

Due to the covid-19, only 230 people from 1,100 a day are donating the blood now. Specially the blood of the people had the covid-19 can be used to cure the other patients.

We, as immigrants, have received lots of benefits from the U.S.A. Let us become vanguard to overcome the difficulties. United States needs blood now.

Money can be printed, but the blood can't be reproduced.

Please contact the headquarter of the KeeptheBible campaign. We will help you what you need to donate the blood.

(808) 542-3413 . Headquarter of the Keep the Bible campaign